Booking Terms

In order to ensure an enjoyable stay for all, we request that all guests familiarise themselves with the following; these rules are strictly implemented;

1.       No over occupancy will be tolerated, only maximum amount of people allowed as per confirmation.

2.       No loud music or noise on resort complex, unless the entire resort is booked out by one group.

3.       Please respect other patrons; no running or playing in hallways or in front of units.

4.       Peace and quiet must be maintained between 22h00 – 07h00.

5.       Only one parking bay available per unit.

6.       Please do not use towels supplied in units at the swimming pool or spa bath.

7.       No mattresses to be removed from beds.

8.       Please refrain from smoking in the unit, please smoke on your patio.

9.       Do not throw any objects into the spa pool or swimming pool.

10.   No clothes to be hanged over walls, please use your drying line provided.

11.   Children younger than 12 years, to be accompanied by an adult at the swimming pool and spa pool for your child’s safety.

12.   Please ensure you close the entrance gate properly when entering the premises for your own safety.

13.   Please ensure your gate is locked at all times.

14.   Not parking in front of resort entrance; use your designated parking bay please.

15.   No cleaning service will be provided on Sundays or public holidays.

16.   Cleaning service will be provided from Monday to Saturday between 09h00 – 13h00 only.

17.   Day visitors not allowed.

18.   All occupants of all ages to sign indemnity form upon arrival at resort.

19.   Use of all facilities on resort is at your own risk.

20.   Should you wish to connect any device to your television in your unit, please arrange with the resort upon arrival.

21.   Please take note, no lifeguard on duty at pools.

22.   No pets will be allowed on the resort grounds.

23.   No safes available in units, public safe is available at the onsite office, please store any valuable items here.

24.   Please keep all valuable items in unit stored away, the resort does not take any responsibility for lost items.

25.   No firearms of any kind, including pellet guns or any item that projects any projectile are allowed on the resort.

26.   Check in time is after 14h00 to allow sufficient time to clean units.

27.   Check out time is before 10h00 on check out day. 

28.   Appropriate language and acceptable clothing must be maintained at all times.

29.   We reserve the right to maintain a comfortable atmosphere in the resort and have the right to expel without prior notice anyone who, in our judgment, creates a disturbance or nuisance, or deliberately breaks the rules. No refunds of fees will be made in such an event.

30.   Any damages caused by guests or their children will be recovered accordingly and you will be held liable for all damages.